Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Precautions at Summerlands


You should not come to Summerlands if anyone in your party, or anyone in your household, has had any COVID -19 symptoms in the last 14 days.


A copy of this notice will also be included in your welcome pack


On arrival.


If there is more than one arrival at the same time please queue on the roadway without leaving your car and let us deal with each customer separately in turn.  Only one person from each arrival party is allowed into the Reception Hut at a time.  We request that the other members of the party remain in their cars until they reach their pitch.  You will be asked to sign an arrival certificate to say that no member of your party, or anyone in your household(s), has had any COVID – 19 symptoms in the last 14 days.  Each party will receive a welcome pack which includes a sanitized key for the gate and a bottle of hand sanitizer for use by their party at communal points, such as refuse bins and water taps.  We would prefer customers to pay their invoice by card (not American Express) on arrival.


Whilst on site.


You should not form any social group and should remain within your own pitch whenever possible.  No visitors are allowed on site.  Children under the age of 13 should not be allowed to roam on the park outside of their own pitch unless supervised by an adult, this includes using the wash block and toilets.  There are hand sanitizers by the entrance to the Wash Block and to the Chemical Toilet Disposal Point. When using the wash block only members from the same pitch should be in any section at any one time although you may use an empty toilet or shower room as these are suitably separated from the rest.  Please respect social distancing on site and especially in and around the wash block and the chemical toilet disposal point.  The wash block will be locked, and cannot be used, during cleaning and a yellow notice will be placed outside the door.


On Departure.


A member of your party is required to sign a departure certificate to say that no member of your party showed any sign of COVID – 19 symptoms during your stay


Illness during your stay.


If any member of your party shows any COVID 19 symptoms during your stay you must report it to management at the first opportunity and self-isolate on your pitch prior to an immediate return to your home.