Venerable Bede

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We began caravanning in April this year and have used this site three times as it is near to my son's home. We would go there anyway as it has been our favourite. We love it. 

Combination of big hedge at your back and stunning rural views stretching away in front is a winner. The facilities are extremely pleasant and very clean and we always use them - unlike some sites where we're happier using our own. You can walk to the pub in Coombe Bissett in three quarters of an hour - our grandchildren 5 and 7 did it - and they are very hospitable there too - to dogs as well. 

You can walk for miles away from roads and again of all the sites we've stayed on this year this one had least noise - apart from helicopters but we quite enjoy the novelty of that! 

The owners and warden are very nice and as helpful as they could be. Confirm that the Tuesday market in Salisbury is very good - look out for the olives and baklava stall. Our sole reservation is the long bumpy track but we are hopeful the worst bits will get some attention.

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Venerable Bede (From August 2010

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